We are Knot Sisters: Talia Giordano and Julia Childs

As a young woman, I find that my friendships with other women are not only essential for my peace of mind, but they are a sacred form of relationship. Talia is someone who I instantly felt a creative pull to – presumably because we are both artists. However, our mediums are on opposite ends of the spectrum – I, a cerebral writer and Talia, a visual expressionist, resulting in us having fascinating conversations about things we see similarly but approach differently. Paying homage to the beauty of this companionship, Talia Giordano and myself pick each other’s brains for our latest installment of We Are Knot Sisters, photographed by Laura Austin. Get to know us.


Julia: What was your first impression of me?

Talia: Immediately you had an infectious energy and I could tell we were going to be friends.

Talia: What is your favorite memory of us?

Julia: When we shot my Babes and Books column! Sometimes I get nervous in front of the camera, so having you there to crack jokes, tell me my ass looked great, and catch me up on what was new in your life was so fun.


Julia: Our strongest commonality?

Talia: We are both very driven and avid students plus we have high career ambitions.

Talia: What was your first attraction to me as a friend?

Julia: You’re young, driven, smart, and you laugh a lot. I immediately knew we were two birds of a feather. Soul sister vibes from the jump.


Julia: What is your favorite conversation we’ve had?

Talia: My favorite conversation we ever had was the morning we shot your Babes and Books column in my loft . You and I were early and hadn’t seen each other in a while, so we spent some time catching up about school, love, life ,and our futures. It was such a relieving moment because you and I have very similar outlooks and want similar things – it was a reminder that I have a wonderful circle of talented women around me who share both my drive and busy schedule.

Talia: What are your main goals in life?

Julia: To publish a bestselling novel and later turn it into a film, to have a strong and loving relationship with myself and with my man, to age gracefully, to be a positive influencer to other women, to travel, to never ever stop growing intellectually.


Julia: What makes us completely different?

Talia: We have similar general interests, but our brains attack a similar concept from a completely different perspective. You’re a talented and colorful writer while I am a visual expressionist.

Talia: Who is your biggest inspiration?

Julia: That is so difficult to answer…so you get three. Maya Angelou, Beyonce, and my strong circle of female friends.


Julia: The next adventure you’re embarking on is…

Talia: A lone gypsy mission to Coachella! Feel free to come and find me out in those fields, I’ll be the face-painted free spirit with stars in her eyes and feathers in her hair.

Talia: What are the most influential words of wisdom you’ve ever received from someone else and who were they from?

Julia: “You have to love yourself before you can love anyone else.” I can’t remember who first said this to me, I’ve heard it a few times. Whoever said it was right – it is an indisputable fact. Whenever I feel that I am not exactly where I should be in this life, I always try to flip it back around and examine all the different reasons I have to be in love with myself before anyone else. I am a firecracker of a woman with more goals than I can count – not treating myself with the upmost respect only holds me back.


Julia: Describe me in three words.

Talia: Tenacious, Beautiful, Intelligent.

Talia: What is your ideal date night?

Julia: Good food, a walk on the beach, a lot of gooooood lovin’. Definitely cliche, but those are some of the finer things in life.


Julia: Top three goals?

Talia: A successful career, a reliable support system made up of wonderful friends and family members, and to be comfortable enough to travel often for the rest of my life.

Talia: Describe me using 5 adjectives.

Julia: Free spirited, humorous, self-aware, fiercely creative, rambunctious.

Julia: Who is your style icon?

Talia: This is always a tough one… I pull inspiration from so many style icons. Stevie Nicks is my queen forever and my style emulates hers often, but I vary everyday. I see my personal style as an opportunity to be dynamic and show a different side of myself everyday.


Talia: What is your favorite season and why?

Julia: Summer. I love when the sun sets past eight o’clock, when the nights are hot, and the infectious sense of freedom and adventure that lasts all season long.

Julia: What motto do you live by?

Talia: “Chi la fa l’aspetti”  – it was my first tattoo. I am Italian and am currently learning to speak the language in hopes of being able to speak it with my family. Directly translated it means, “he who makes it respects it”, but in Italian it is loosely translated as a similar idiom – “what goes around comes around.” It reminds me to put energy out into the universe that I would want to see come back to me.

Talia: Where is the next location you’re craving traveling to?

Julia: Panama! I’m kicking my summer off with two weeks there. I can’t wait to sneak onto private beaches, write, and live in my bikini. On a more domestic level, I am hoping to go to Chicago within the next few months.


Talia: What is happiness to you?

Julia: Happiness is new lingerie, learning something new, creating, nudity, nudity with someone you really enjoy, adventure. But, staying in the present moment is the only way I can access happiness.

Julia: How fast do you live?

Talia: I live pretty damn fast.

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