“Pretty Vacant” by Emily Scarlett Romain

She is effortless and in turn, that makes you somewhat envious. It is as if you are perturbed that you are not her, yet to distance yourself from her seems too unsettling, too finite, too dismal. She is effortless in her choice of words, your eyes following the syllables that glide off her tongue. She is effortless in the attention she draws in, a fact you notice while she quickly amasses a collection of admirers. She was born an influencer, and you born a bystander. That stings to recognize, yet the undeniable beauty lies within her. Envy shifts to warmth.


I suppose we all have a tendency to encounter these women from time to time. Sometimes they are close friends and sometimes they are strangers on the street, but nonetheless they draw simultaneous feelings of jealousy and adoration. Emily Scarlett Romain capture Francesca Frame in our latest spring editorial, evoking feelings of both fondness and covetousness. The romance of London’s red double-decker bus and allure of cobblestone streets paired with flushed cheeks and petal lips is the epitome of summertime lust. Chance encounters, warm air, and her. Love manages to present itself in the strangest of packages.

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