Kickstarter Watch: BLESS by Maria Dyer

BLESS is a feature length film being created by NYU graduate student, Maria Dyer. Her movie is based on the true story and the relationship with her own mother who has been suffering from multiple sclerosis for over two decades. Facing death, Annie asks her daughters to come home to Nebraska, take her from the nursing home and drive her to the ocean for her sixtieth birthday. This journey of love, healing, acceptance and the power of family takes a strong woman and her two daughters across America to the Gulf of Mexico where they visit with shamans, healers, and ex-husbands. It strikes the perfect chord of heartbreak and freedom.

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 11.31.53 AM

Dyer’s mother

BLESS is a story that affects our perspective on the time we have here and asks the hard important questions in life. What would you want to see and do at the very end? Dyer has assembled an all star production team and cast. This Kickstarter campaign was created to help cover the costs from casting to gasoline and everything in between and after. As I write this there are 15 days left in the campaign and ten thousand dollars left to raise. The beauty of Kickstarter is that it this totally doable if people like you and I send some dollars their way, right now.

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