BB Dakota SS15 W/ 4th & Bleeker

In a world where it seems like everyone takes themselves too seriously, a line like BB Dakota is reason for celebration. They are continually carefree, and yet eternally chic. Their clothing is a perfect apex of functionality and fashion. They afford as us all the opportunity to never have to choose. With them, you compromise nothing. They are known for having exquisite taste when it comes to textiles, for their heavenly soft fabrics, and year round must have collections. This summer they deliver once again and we are all wrapped up in their goodness.


This lookbook was shot by Zoey Grossman at the iconic Goldstein California estate, built into the sandstone hillside near the border of Beverly Hills. This location encapsulates an aura of laid back luxury and serves as the perfect backdrop for BB Dakotas new pieces. Model Alexandra Spencer is the perfect muse for this shoot with those golden strands and sun kissed skin. It feels voyeuristic, a view into an afternoon perhaps an hour shy of the company she keeps. It feels like summer, a rum and coke, a well kept secret, the perfect view.

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