420 Update: This Lubricant Will Get You High

Cannabis lubricant is now a thing. Okay, maybe it has always been a thing and I am just now hearing about it. Perhaps ladies have been getting their nether regions stoned since the era of cavewomen and someone just thought to clue me in. Nonetheless, Foria Cannabis Lubricant is currently gaining heat as one of the most coveted intimate products amongst marijuana enthusiasts. What I love about Foria is that it is all centered around female pleasure – it can help women reach climax, enjoy multiple orgasms, or simply just have a heightened sensitivity that lends to sensations of warmth and tingling. You put the lube in and around your vagina and then wait about thirty minutes to an hour for the magic to happen.

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It is a blend of cannabis and coconut oils, and while it can get you high, women typically report a sensation of total body relaxation. Perfect for use with your partner (as long as they don’t mind a bit of a second hand high) or for solo play. For the sake of safety, take note that Foria is not compatible with latex condoms and can damage latex sex toys. Get yours here.

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