We Are Knot Sisters: Brittney Panda & Kat Nisky

Just as summer seems to settle in in beautiful Southern California, it’s easy to forget that New York was hit by a massive snow storm just a couple weeks ago. In the spirit of mischief and adventure, photographer Brittney Panda and Kat Nisky frolic in winter wonderland wearing Knot Sisters; kicking off our new blog and a series of profiles of best friends who might as well be sisters – just like us. Get to know them! Photography:  Eric Williams, edited by Brittney Panda.

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KAT: What is your first memory of us?

BRITTNEY: First grade. Our teacher was reading to our class and we were all sitting on the carpet. You sat next to me and I moved away. You followed me. Everywhere I went you came with me. You were my new best friend whether I wanted you or not!

BRITTNEY: What is your favorite memory of our childhood?

KAT: Back in elementary school I had a habit of following you around, especially to the nurse’s office. We would escape class and run free down the hallways. I guess that was when our mischievous adventures began. One memory that stands most is of our gym class getaway when you got dismissed because your eyes were bothering you. By the time you got out to the hallway I was right there behind you with eye problems, too. I remember taking after your lead as we dramatically bumped head first into walls and tripped over our own feet on the way to the nurse. It turned out that you actually needed glasses and I was just being a copy cat. This is one of my favorite memories because it was when I realized that whenever I followed you I never knew what to expect, but I knew it was going to be fun.

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KAT: What’s your favorite and least favorite thing about me?

BRITTNEY: My favorite thing is that you’re never boring. I never don’t want to spend time with you. you’re the only person I could spend 12 hours in the car with without taking a break from laughing. My least favorite thing is when you only want to watch 5 episodes of gossip girl in a row instead of 6.

BRITTNEY: What do you think our friendship symbolizes?

KAT: Harmony. We agree on mostly everything and our personalities balance each other out. Our friendship makes us stronger as creative individuals and as a whole.

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KAT: What’s the scariest thing that’s ever happened to you?

BRITTNEY: The scariest thing that’s ever happened to me was the time you and I were breaking into abandoned houses to take pictures and we stumbled into one that a scary man with a baseball bat was living in.

BRITTNEY: Out of all our crazy adventures which one would you like to relive and why?

KAT: I would love to relive our New Orleans experience because it was the best grande finale to a road trip we could ever ask for. The entire trip down the east coast was dreamy, but NOLA was the cherry on top. We melted into the laid back atmosphere and explored the beautiful streets of the French Quarter. When the sun went down the nightlife and music lured us in. We met up with friends, rode bikes to a funky lounge that I forget the name of, and we danced until the last drink was served. It was the perfect celebration to a successful adventure.

KAT: What is the most unbelievable thing that has happened to you when no one else was around?

BRITTNEY: I was in the middle of a field taking photos, and I noticed a group of giant vultures and I thought I’d try to get close and see if I could take some cool pictures. Of course they started flying at me so I ran faster than I have ever ran in my life, and fell a million times. I’m so embarrassing.


BRITTNEY: What’s the highest you’ve ever jumped into water?

KAT: That 30 foot jump we did off a bridge in Virginia.

KAT: Where’s the weirdest place you’ve ever slept?

BRITTNEY: With you in the trunk of your dad’s car in Atlanta because we didn’t have a hotel.

BRITTNEY: Where do you want to go next?

KAT: I plan on going to the Reykjanes peninsula of Iceland for my next out of country conquest with you, of course.

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KAT: What’s the last thing you took a picture of?


BRITTNEY: What’s the best decision you’ve made in your life so far?

KAT: Moving into a pretty apartment with my best friend.

KAT: What’s your favorite time of the day?

BRITTNEY: Golden hour. Right before the sun goes down and everything glows.

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KAT: What’s your weakness?

BRITTNEY: The opportunity to trespass. It really is terrible, but I’m addicted to breaking into empty buildings to take pictures.

BRITTNEY: What’s your favorite simple luxury?

KAT: Driving around in the summer time with the windows down and AC blasting.

BRITTNEY: What is playing in your life soundtrack right now?

KAT: Tycho

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KAT: What do you need the most in life?

BRITTNEY: The people I love, my kitten, and my camera.

BRITTNEY: What motto do you live by?

KAT: Time is honey. Focus on the sweetness of life and savor it.

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