“The Sweetest Coastline” by Jenavieve Belair

Having spent the majority of my youth in Southern California, there is a particular fondness I have developed for the weeks that mark the shift from winter to spring. And, being the California native that I am, that shift is always indicated by the bursts of color that lace the sweetest coastline. Our latest editorial reminds me of the good stuff – friendship and freedom, vibrant colors dancing across a dry landscape. Jenavieve Belair, a photographer known for her eye that celebrates the intersection where female energy meets California cool, captures Jenny Parry and Tayler Rose as they wander through the Antelope Valley poppy fields.


Wearing the latest from Knot Sisters, Taylor and Jenny are otherworldly as their ivory skin and long limbs wander between blooming orange hues. Belair effortlessly captures the free spirits, leaving behind the cliched connotations that term holds and replacing it with unfiltered curiosity, acting as a spectator to the two women as they roam amongst the hillside.

When a video accompanies a photographic editorial, still images suddenly turn into a fluid daydream, scenes drifting in and out of view, music replacing dialogue, thus lending the spectator a sense of nostalgia for silent films. Blaine Suque did just that with this short fashion film, elevating a fashion editorial to an impression of the images that drifted across your eyelids as you slept last night. Crafted particularly for those who lust for an escape, immerse and indulge in “The Sweetest Coastline.”

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