“Spring Fling” by Jessie Askinazi

Often, fashion is about self-love. It’s about recognizing and celebrating your unique personality and expressing it outward to the world around you. You are a blank canvas to color and decorate however you want, on any given day. Photographer Jessie Askinazi embraces this mantra with open arms. Her images are ripe with juicy colors, patterns and textures and always contain a quirky element of the unexpected that keeps your finger clicking the “next button” in a rhythmical pulse.


Janelle is adorned in a feather headpiece, a glittering chiffon dress that cascades like water down her frame looking like she’s been pulled right out of a Gatsby party. It’s a reminder that we all have the sweet, decadent freedom to express ourselves the way that we truly are. You are light, you are free, and you can soar. Find what is authentic to you and honor it every day. After all, birds of a feather flock together – but eagles fly alone.


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