Preview: Devngosha “Thirst” at Merry Karnowsky Gallery

Seattle born Devon Liston and Russian born Gosha Levochkin form the tandem artist team devNgosha. Working in harmony on concept, execution, and cumulative touches, their works highlight each of their painterly strengths – Devin’s refined figurative realism and Gosha’s mastery of bold color and line.


Their newest solo show “Thirst” at Merry Karnowsky gallery draws a parallel between California’s current drought as a metaphor for artistic need and fluidity. Images of cacti, cowboys and tumbleweeds embody the transition of a once golden California landscape into a dry, arid plain searching for an oasis.


“People move to Los Angeles everyday from around the world. They come looking for answers and searching for meaning. Sometimes those who seek a new life here find themselves stuck in the dry desolate existential vacuum that is Los Angeles. Others find exactly what they are looking for and are inspired by the journey.” Enjoy a few preview images, and don’t miss the vernissage on Saturday night!

Thinkingcap_5 thirst_1 thirst_flyer

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