Preview: C. Finley “The Divine Distractions”

C. Finley is an artist currently based out of Rome who spends a deal of time in New York City, and just launched a month-long exhibition in Los Angeles at the Superchief Gallery. We are absolutely delighted to spend the early weeks of summer wandering around Superchief, ready to take in these large scale (twelve by ten foot) pieces – expect to be hypnotized by the vibrant geometric shapes which often times depict women in a scared and divine aura. They are equal parts mind bending and expanding, inspiring and consuming.


Finley is widely known for her work across Europe, particularly her Wallpapered Dumpsters series in which she has wrapped city receptacles in her unmistakably colored patterns– giving these objects an entirely new way to be received in the world. Images like these constantly inspire us to reach further, to create unexpected and awe-inspiring work.

The Divine Distractions is open from March 21st- April 4th at Superchief Gallery at 739 Kohler St., Los Angeles.

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