On Our Playlist: Wolf Colony

Dreamy-afternoon electronic-pop – sort of dark, definitely danceable, and isn’t cliche? The answer is Wolf Colony.


Wolf Colony, New York based solo and anonymous singer-songwriter, has released his debut album, Unmasked, March 3. It brings me so much joy to say he has created one of those albums that feels, like an album – it is as a whole a work of art. You can listen start to finish without ever changing a song or falling out of love for a moment. It is hypnotizing. The sequence swells and falls at the perfect moments giving you one of those listening experiences you find yourself telling everyone you can about.


Wolf Colony’s voice comes through like a shaman on a peyote trip, leading you to places you didn’t even know were there – his lyrics are just as captivating as the emotional and resounding musical arrangements. It is somehow simultaneously sweet baby making music and dance until the sun comes up music- alone, with a lover, with a room full of strangers. And did you miss the part where I mentioned he is anonymous? As in we have no idea who he truly is. But I have to say if the face beneath the fox mask is even as close to as sexy as his voice on the album – I call dibs. We are claiming this album as a sure fire hit, and something that wont your playlist for the foreseeable forever. You can thank us later. xoxo

L’Agent Goodies…