“GIRL” by Zachary Chick

Youth embodied in the slight flutter of eyelashes, the pursing of lips, the dirt-stained jeans, the hair that grazes her hips. Adolescent adventure while the sun kisses the horizon. Baseball in freshly mowed fields, competition boiling in a game of go-kart racing. Simplicity. She’s a woman, but she makes you feel like you’re a kid again. Perhaps that is the desired balance in a loving relationship – she keeps you young, you keep her wild.


Zachary Chick‘s editorial “GIRL”, featured in Live FAST Issue One depicts this fantasy through his camera’s relationship with the subject. The beauty of the fresh-faced Teresa Oman is undeniable while the editorial itself is an ode to the allure of young freedom.


Shot around New York City, you can view the editorial in its entirety in Issue One, available for purchase here. For more from Zachary Chick, visit here.

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