BANG! Vol 1

The climax of female sexuality. The grittier side of sensuality. When you are paid to allude nothing but sex, to get lost in your spectator’s fantasy, merely an actress in the grand scheme of things. It is a subtle push and pull, really. You push your ego, you pull at your client. Clock in, clock out, tax free cash in your pocket. Amy Hood explores the other side of sexuality in her latest publication BANG! Volume 1.


Featuring erotic photography from Jonathan Leder, art direction from Amy Hood, and stories by Jacq Frances, BANG! reminds me of vintage porn and seedy strip clubs. Speaking candidly on the strength feminine sexuality holds, this body of erotica is blunt yet enthralling.


The photos cater to a myriad of fantasies – the cheerleader with a pert ass, the voluptuous minx donning nothing but red lipstick, the contrast of a blonde’s nude body pressed against a brunette. The stories celebrate the cunning business woman inside each stripper – tales of hustling money by tricking men that they’re in love for the duration of a thirty minute lap dance is nothing short of fascinating. Pick up a copy here.


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