On Our Playlist: Hello Evening

It sounds like Bruce Springsteen and George Harrison, with a healthy dose of The Walkman, made a love child and then put it up on Bandcamp for free for the whole fucking world to enjoy. It feels like making love in the afternoon, like falling asleep in the sun, like taking a road trip to somewhere incredibly new. It will both pluck at your heartstrings and force you out onto the dance floor at the exact same time.


Settle, in Silence – Incredibly fun, often sensual, and ridiculously catchy is the third full-length album released by Hello Evening. The band, Nissan Perera and Kevin Yoches, a two piece (sometimes three or four piece) from California have been making music together since their days in dorm rooms – and this time around they’ve set the bar very high. These songs cover a vast landscape of perceptions and emotions from our inevitable dying age to the ultra hip demise of Divisadero in San Francisco, to meeting an old lover in a frozen town and what it feels like to stand outside in the rain on other side of the world. It is visceral, vulnerable, and a treat for the soul.

Every once awhile music comes along that will color a season or a time in your life, a soundtrack of who you were for a few months. We should all be so lucky if this one is next. Enjoy! Click here to download the album for free right now.


An old photograph of the pair making music in their parents garage, taken on a disposable camera by a girlfriend at the time. Circa 2007

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