Art Crush: Daniel Arnold

His photographic eye captures the moments that probably passed you by. It is rare to stand still in New York City, but if you were to ever allow yourself to do so, you may understand what Daniel Arnold sees on a daily basis. That’s the beauty of street photography done well – it should capture the spectator’s gaze and elevate them to curiosity, pushing them to seek art in transit stations, homeless men, and unsavory public situations. Arnold understands this delicate balance and manages to transcend it effortlessly.


A Brooklyn inhabitant for over twelve years, Arnold has cleverly dubbed himself the “paparazzi for strangers” and shoots all his photos on his iPhone. That means that more often than not, Arnold is spending as little as four hours to as many as twelve hours wandering amongst his city, photographing oblivious strangers. This takes two things that Arnold is certainly not short on – nerve and talent.


Having received a mention by Forbes for that one time he sold prints of photos off of his Instagram feed for $150 each, earning him $15,000, Arnold clearly stumbled upon the right niche at opportune timing. For more from Daniel Arnold, read his interview in Live FAST Issue 1, available here.


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