Amuse Society x Vanessa Mooney “A Song For You”

It’s that time of year again, our favorite season – festival season. So, whether you’re driving through the desert to get to Coachella and Burning Man, or sweating in the cities for FYF and Lolllapalooza, or going a little more backwoods for Bonnaroo or Sasquatch – we’ve got you covered. The only thing better than the music and the freedom of spending days on end rocking out in the sun, is the attire. No doubt, after buying your tickets your next thought is, and should be, what the hell am I going to wear?


For a massive dose of festival inspiration, Vanessa Mooney teamed up with Amuse Society for an eclectic and breezy shoot featuring super babe Joanna Halpin and her cranberry-kissed locks. Shot at Mooney’s farmhouse home in L.A., this lookbook provides us with a fresh way to rethink what it means to to put your best boot forward for festival season.


Note, there are no feathers and no headbands, no fringe kimonos, i.e no clichés. It’s time to break out of the tried and tired look that we see one so many ladies across the circuit. Instead, Amuse has come forth with a summer line that is both comfortable and chic, airy and alluring. Because the truth is there is no better way to spend your summer days than feeling good in what makes you look amazing. These outfits are perfected by Mooney’s statement pieces– her chains and bold cuffs are our favorite. Together they’ve created a look that will hit the perfect note no matter what festival you end up at. It’s perfection.

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