New York City 1:47am Abby Brothers by Nikola Tamindzic

There are some women who come alive only in the dark. The alter ego daylight provides them slips away as they run wild beneath streetlights. She lives fast. You may try to grab ahold of her, but it is a worthless attempt. It isn’t until the sky drips from indigo to peach, at the trace of dawn, that you can hold her. Our latest editorial takes you to New York City at 1:47am with Abby Brothers. She is defiant and bold. She embodies the fast aesthetic of New York City. She embodies the fast aesthetic of any adventurous woman.


Nikola Tamindzic captures Brothers as she leaves voyeurs with little left to the imagination. One of our earlier editorials, we have been anxiously awaiting for the opportune moment to release these images. With the launch of our debut print magazine, we figured now was as great a time as any. View the full editorial in Live FAST Issue 1, available here.

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