CAMP “Cabin Fever” SS15

CAMP’s spring 2015 Collection, “Cabin Fever,” has seriously given us something to write home about. The brand continues to release some of the most comfortable and stylish loungewear out there –  a treasure of go-to classics. They make us want to run around outside beneath the ponderosas and red woods to howl at the moon and then go cuddle up in front of the fire with a certain someone.


Inspired by mischievous memories of summer camp- bonfires, late nights, your first crush on your older and super hot camp counselor. The line is effortless and sexy– reminiscent of the ladies in Dazed and Confused with their knee high socks, denim shorts and long air dried air. CAMP’s vibe is simple but not understated, cute but not cutesy. They are on point with backyard seventies t-shirts and terry cloth shorts. They are flirting with some of earliest fantasies, and we love them for it.


Tamar Wider, designer of CAMP (and also The 2 Bandits), has worked some of her undeniable magic for “Cabin Fever.” The spring line just released is our favorite thus far featuring new long johns, baseball tees and shorts that show the perfect bite of butt. Models Eddie Pettersson and Mackii Toma are total foxes in this collection. Shot by Heather Gildroy at a cabin tucked away in the woods, these images are nostalgic and dreamy– a slumber party just before the boys get snuck in and the schnapps are opened.

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