The Best Adult Summer Camps In America

Inspired by the release of  Shop CAMP’s newest collection, Cabin Fever, earlier this month, we want to pay homage to one of the greatest American traditions: summer camp. Just because we aren’t actually kids anymore, doesn’t mean we have to miss out –late night bonfires, making out under the stars – and this time add Jameson and some skinny-dipping. So whether you spent your summers in cabins as a kid, or you never took that sacred trip, we invite you now to an entirely new rite of passage. I went searching for the best adult camps out there. I wanted something authentic – something reminiscent of Wet Hot American Summer and Camp Nowhere… My bags are packed.

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Camp Wandawega

Camp Wandawega has been around since 1925– These grounds have hosted everyone from sinners to saints (the jury’s still out on you). The rad things about this place is that it’s more than a summer camp- it’s a production site, a culinary mecca, a creative retreat, filled with brand collaborations, and workshops. Unlike other camps you can rent the entire place out and turn the weekend into whatever you want, or try and snag a spot on Airbnb whenever they have openings. They are very clear though- please first read their low-bro manifesto. This place is the ultimate throw back when it comes to adult summer camp, maintaining its old school charm. It’s rustic in this well thought out way that makes you feel like you’re inhabiting an Anthropologie catalog. Tucked away in the woods of Wisconsin, hugging a glassy Midwestern Lake, it’s everything I dreamt of.

The Tasty Nugget 2013 from Duncan Wolfe on Vimeo.

Soul Camp

Soul camp was created by two BFF’s who grew up spending the best summers of their lives at sleep away camp. They came together to bring this tradition back to our generation. Soul Camp focuses on the reorienting of ourselves to ourselves. During your stay you create your own schedule, choosing from a variety of yoga and mediation classes on everything from grounding to your inner sexuality. They also offer arts and crafts, boating, and farming classes to pass the days. It is a full three-day and three-night immersion program in the art of bod, mind, and soul. Located on a private 35-acre spring fed lake in Honesdale, Pennsylvania.


Camp Grounded at Camp Mendocino

Located in 2,000 acres of redwood forest on the Noyo River. This place is heaven on earth. The river flows through camp to provide countless swimming holes and beaching areas. They offer a crazy array of classes from archery to beadwork, creative writing to yoga, tea tasting to basket weaving. There is even a killer outdoor amphitheater for late night live performances. They drive you in on school busses down a dirt road. At camp you are asked let go of all that you are in the “other world” and not to speak of your “job” or anything career related. People come from al around the world to Camp Grounded. Their youngest camper coming in at 19 and their oldest at 71. It is truly for everyone. There is one catch to all of this wonder, one that I think is genius but I could see others being wary- it is totally off the grid. No cell phones, no Instagram, no emails. To me this is the most alluring part of this camp- they call it Camp Grounded for a reason. It’s your chance to get back to who you are without all the trappings of this crazy world we live in. You can register now for summer sessions! Celebrate what it means to be alive. Disconnect to Reconnect. 

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