5 Erotica Classics You Should Read Instead of 50 Shades of Grey

Erotica is a fine art that is consistently fucked up. I was reminded of this fact while attempting to read Fifty Shades of Grey and found myself shocked at the prose that sounded reminiscent of my adolescent wet dreams. You know, back when I was doe-eyed and tongue-tied for weird dudes who were thirsty, misogynistic, and/or emotionally unavailable. To be fair, I never finished the novel… something about the forced sexuality embedded within every sentence really turned me off. I just couldn’t risk the image of Christian Grey being projected on the walls of my mind while attempting to seek my most worshipped form of pleasure. Anyways, as we all know, the film adaptation of the novel was released today. In hopes of curing those of you who may feel a bit sexually dry after watching the movie, I curated a list of my favorite erotica classics that appeared in the debut Live FAST print issue (which, in case you missed it, is on sale now). Some sexy, some downright dirty, and one a precursor to the Fifty Shades series, all of these are capable of satisfying that need for literotica indulgence.


1) Little Birds by Anais Nin

Little Birds, the unofficial sequel to Delta of Venus, was my first introduction to the world of literotica. I remember greedily devouring each story, reading aloud Nin’s prose, feeling her words melt in my mouth. I credit this work as a huge influence on my personal writing and creative aesthetic in general – a wonderful introduction and renowned classic for erotic novices and veterans alike.

2) Kafka Was The Rage by Anatole Broyard

This novel is simply erotic. From the way it is written to the character development, the story sensually rises and falls. I imagine this would be the tale of Hemingway and Nin’s shared lustful encounters.


3) Vox by Nicholas Baker

What initially drew me to Vox was the fact that Monica Lewinsky gifted a copy to Bill Clinton. The prose can sound a bit outdated at times, however that sort of added to the novel’s charm. A steamy phone sex encounter between two random lovers results in the indulgence of strange fantasies, lending the reader a sense of voyeuristic pleasure.

4) Story of the O by Pauline Réage

This 1954 novel is the French precursor to 50 Shades of Grey, sharing a sophisticated yet heartbreaking narrative. A dark love twisted with sadomasochism, resulting in language rich with passion, lust, and domination.


5) House of Holes by Nicholas Baker

Nicholas Baker is one of those strange, unexpected literotica writers. While I cannot imagine a scenario that would involve me touching myself while reading this book, it still holds a high level of erotic clout. It is dirty, sometimes gross, and made me blush on a few occasions. Sometimes, we just need a filthy read.

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