Check In: Utah’s Amangiri Resort

If I imagine a visit to Mount Olympus, the sensations and images are replicated by the Amangiri Resort. It is a destination of clean crisp grandeur, surrounded by a sublime inspiring landscape. Amangiri (peaceful mountain) is a luxury resort located in Southern Utah near the border of Arizona, resting at the edge of The Grand Staircase – Escalante National Monument.




Aside from the 25,000 square foot spa, the fresh locally sourced cuisine, and cabanas that will ruin you for almost every other destination; Amangiri stands alone for one other undeniable reason. It’s perfectly isolated presence feels like a contract signed between man and nature. It is as if the gods have allowed this special oasis to exist among them. Amangiri has done an incredible job of borrowing its design from the landscape, fitting and molding their unique accommodations into the wonder that was already there.



A day at the Amangiri feels a lot like a dream you may never wish to wake from – Breakfast in bed with breathtaking views of the sun rising over the mesa followed by a private yoga or Pilates class, perhaps a hike on one of their many on site trails designed for all levels of adventurers. Spend the afternoon lounging in a king-sized daybed aside their gorgeous swimming pool built at the center of the resort and wrapping around a massive rock escarpment. In the evening, enjoy dinner as you look out over the changing colors of the mesa before settling in for a bottle of wine at the desert lounge.




In the morning, you can start over and enjoy the experience again. Amangiri is more than a resort, it is an experience that asks you to hand over the hustle of your life and give yourself the gift of time and breath. It tells its visitors to be silent, be still, and ascend into a new level of relaxation. It is the kind of place that will have you looking for a lifetime reservation.

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