Preview: “ANIMAL” by Gonzalo Borondo

Gonzalo Borondo, a 24-year old prolific Spanish artist, has taken over East London for the past year with his signature style combining two genres; classic portraiture and street art. Borondo and his dedication to his craft speak for themselves. His work hits you with a raw style and it speaks on subjects deeply important to society. And society is who he paints for. His work is in alleyways, on apartment buildings and abandoned structures everywhere. When he is finished, his art belongs to the people of these communities.

Curated by Charlotte Dutoit and Rom Levy, his largest show will be opening at London’s RexRomae gallery on February 5 – it will be the first time the multidisciplinary artist releases new works to the public in years. What happens when humans evolve away from their very animalistic instincts that once pushed them forward? What does it mean to be domesticated? Borondo answers these questions. Powerful and political, he is innovating street art today with his paintings animations, sensorial installations, giant sculptures and live performances. Visit his blog to view past work, and don’t miss the exhibition if you’re in London next week.

Borondo_Animal_Artwork_Glass Borondo_Animal_Artwork2 Borondo_Studio_Glass Borondo_Animal_Studio Borondo_Animal_Studio2 Borondo_ScreenPrint_Process

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