Check In: Hotel Lone in Rovinj, Croatia

To be honest, when I think of Croatia, I don’t think of much. My brain ploughs through a slide reel of stereotypes embedded through history, media coverage and North American bias- painting a less-than-welcoming image of the country. If you share a similar initial impression, do a quick Google images search of the place and your idea will quickly be vanquished in a guilt ridden dust. This country has some astoundingly beautiful hidden gems, and pretty wicked hotels to compliment them.

Hotel Lone is hidden away in Rovinj, Croatia situated amongst the forestry of Monte Mulin forest park. This 5-star hotel is a super modern, super chic hideaway constructed like a vinatarta cake. Soft rounded white edges on the outside are complimented with textile rich interiors meticulously constructed by graphic designers and architectures alike. This hotel is part of a new trend amongst the hotel and hospitality industry donned “design hotels” where elements of graphic design and architecture combine to make some of the most tangible eye candy you’ll ever be privileged enough to walk through.

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