Art Crush: Dana Lixenberg

We don’t think much of it now, the magic of being able to take a photograph– we carry cameras in our back pockets, shoot pictures of our breakfast. But when photography was invented it was such an astonishing feat people truly saw it as witchcraft. Certain cultures today still don’t want their photograph taken because they believe it will steal a sliver of their soul. At the true core of photography is a bit of magic, a bit of defying the ticking clock. Dana Lixenberg’s work poignantly displays that it is in fact an art of stopping time.


Lixenberg works in New York and Amsterdam. She has collected accolades and publications throughout her career that stretch across decades and continents. She has published seven books of photography. She is a legend in her own right.

It is Lixenberg’s portrait collection that we have fallen madly in love with. She has captured some of the most influential persons of our generation, some of which are no longer with us. I think it’s those moments that I find particularly magnetic– the picture of Heath Ledger alive and well, handsome and slightly unshaven. But even in those who’s hearts are still beating we can see the years that have been taken from them. But here they remain frozen forever as they always were and will be.


Her portraits do not follow a strict rule book, the only thread between them is honesty. Some are depicted in the most casual and natural setting while a few others appear staged to enhance the persona they carry with them through life. She has photographed artists and rappers, poets and politicians. It is a grab bag of people you will recognize, and if you don’t, then you probably should. Lixenberg has focused her lens in a way we don’t see much of these days. Her work is timeless and feels vital to the archives of who we are.




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