Abby Brothers + Chris Mansfield In Joshua Tree

Do I know you stranger? I swear I’ve seen you before. Something about your cheeky grin and the way you raise your eyebrows in the vivid sunlight reminds me of a face I’ve memorized long ago. Though the brush of your hand against my skin is familiar to me, you are somehow different. Here in this desert air you are transformed in my eyes. Have I known you for 10 years…or only a few minutes? When I’m with you the world is my playground.  As we laugh and dance in this sun soaked desert with only our laughter to be absorbed by the sand, I feel vibrant. Life is sweet and kind in the light of your eyes. Take my hand and tell me we can play forever, for only you can keep the sun shining when the moon is standing in its way.

The startling Abby Brothers, takes her beau Chris Mansfield out for a romp around Joshua Tree National Park, wearing decadent  vintage and antique pieces from jeweler, Just Lola and Me. Shot by photographer, Molly Stone, this sweet and simple shoot reminds us to take a break and enjoy the time we have with the ones we love.

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