The 2 Bandits “Home for the Holidays”

We can spot a 2 Bandits piece from across a crowded party – they whisper sweet somethings like a siren song. It’s no secret Tamar Wilder, creator and artist, has an eye for the rustic and refined, and taste like none other. We literally drool over her pieces and fantasize of having our bodies covered in her rich turquoise uniquely forged art. She never fails to make us ladies look and feel like a South Western goddess.


For this holiday season 2 Bandits has draped mega-babe Melodi Meadows in their classic pieces you could previously only get from the cool aunt you’ve been aspiring to be like your entire life. You know, the one who lived in Paris and slept with Jim Morrison.


2 Bandits has a way of making more than jewelry. They are lifetime pieces, coveted collections you will hold onto for your foreseeable forever and one-day pass on to someone very special.


Shot in Dallas, Texas, by Asher Moss, this series, filled with rich colors and intimate moments, it has us rewriting our holiday wish list. Meadows is magic and effervescent in front of the camera. She has these salt of the earth eyes. They make you feel like, maybe you haven’t lived your life enough yet. We couldn’t imagine a more unique muse to rock 2 Bandits and a more lovely compilation to ring in this holiday season.

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