Live FAST Takes Miami: A Day Off With D’Blanc

There’s a lot going on in Miami during Art Basel.

You arrive at your hotel, shower and dress. Smoke a cigarette out front while you wait for your taxi to take you to dinner. It takes forever to get a taxi… but I soon learn that in Miami, it takes forever to do just about anything. An irritating realization for someone living in a city with a little more hustle.

The tangle of colors is stimulating; the art, sounds, buildings and fashion all seem to be a part of a big production made to entertain and/or confuse you.

Screen-Shot-2014-12-10-at-11.59.47-AM Screen-Shot-2014-12-10-at-12.00.30-PM

You rise early the next morning, jet-lagged or hungover? Maybe a little bit of both. But that won’t stop you from tackling your 8am meeting and your jam-packed schedule. Your slow-moving day is anything but lazy. Filled with meetings, shows, luncheons, late nights and early mornings, the cycle of obligations continues until you say ‘fuck it’ and take a day to do whatever the hell you want.


For me, this day was Saturday. I called up Ladyshark and headed over to her hotel, coffees in hand. She greeted me with a kiss and a pair of shades from D’Blanc. She must have known I was starving cause she took me to eat right away at her favorite sandwich spot in Miami, La Sandwicherie. I scarfed that all-dressed turkey & salami sandwich down – by far the best meal I had on this trip.


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Our next stop was the beach. My first experience actually sitting and enjoying Miami beach. I rolled around in the sand and surf while she watched and snapped polaroids of me, sun reflecting off my shades

DSC04281 IMG_4311bw IMG_4129

D’Blanc The End Sunglasses, $160


Our walk back to the hotel took us down Ocean Drive where club music infiltrates your eardrums and countless servers will try to lure you to lunch by offering a free glass of champagne. As tempting as this was, we had made other afternoon arrangements…

IMG_4334 IMG_4352 DSC04341

We jumped in Carlos’ mini and headed over to newly opened Edition, where The Supper Club and Bernstein & Andriulli were hosting an Art Basel luncheon sponsored by VieVite Rose, Champagne Jacquart, Purity Vodka & Perrier featuring our friend and very talented artist, Tristan Eaton. We sipped on bottomless cocktails and feasted, surrounded by good company – and took home the best goodie bag.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset IMG_6996 IMG_6998 Screen-Shot-2014-12-10-at-12.15.36-PM-640x465

Our day off concluded at South Pointe Park just in time for Sunset. The sunsets in Miami seem to have a blue hue to them. Maybe I was just seeing things. We sat in silence for a minute with the wind howling, drowning out any apprehensive thoughts we had about tomorrow. This was by far the best day off I had had in a while…


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