Guide to Your Sexiest New Year’s Eve Yet


If you’re anything like myself and the majority of my social circle, you probably don’t have your plans for New Year’s Eve locked down just yet. This holiday acts as the last major push of the year, subsequently leading to a frenzy of pressure, last minute planning, outfit crises, questionable dates – you name it, I’ve dealt with it on the last night of the year. To aid our readers in enjoying a pleasurable evening, I’ve compiled a guide to the sexiest New Year’s Eve yet. Introvert, extrovert, locked down or independent woman, I’ve got your back. Pop the bubbly, slip into your skivvies, and pick your adventure below.

1. NYE at The Roosevelt

Alright, so you want to go out. You’re imagining yourself surrounded by the hottest names in Los Angeles, brushing shoulders with handsome men as you muse which gentlemen with a strong jawline and impeccable suit will be pressing his lips on yours at midnight. It wouldn’t really be a holiday without a Live FAST event, so we took it upon ourselves to team up with Jen Agogo to help host the party of the year at the iconic Roosevelt hotel. Pour the champagne, don your most plunging neckline and breathe easy knowing you’re in attendance of the most talked about Los Angeles party of the year. Grab tickets here.

2. Last Minute Dinner Party

Perhaps your friends and yourself have been stuck playing a game of social pin ball – pinging the duty of host off of one another, each of you avoiding the responsibility of planning a social event. While hosting can be somewhat of a drag – especially at short notice, we’ve got the makings of a fabulous last minute dinner party lined up. These recipes for filet mignon, mashed potatoes, a simple salad and chocolate covered strawberries will keep your guests satisfied and your time in the kitchen down.

3. Evening in With Your Girls

Last New Year’s Eve, I put on my favorite lingerie, called over a few of my closest girlfriends and drank whiskey on the rocks while we wrote, talked about sex, and dreamt up our goals for the new year. We ended the evening by drawing a bath and listening to Beyonce. If it is 10pm and that event you committed to suddenly sounds a bit overwhelming, consider this the perfect fallback plan. For best results, use this recipe for old fashioned cocktails.

4. Evening in With Your Man

Spending the last day of the year and the first day of the new year with the one you love is an incredibly romantic concept. The foundation of any great date is a meal prepared in one’s most beloved lingerie. Lace your space with candles, rose petals, fine wine, great literature, and anything else that gets you off. Write a list of your individual highlights from the past year and your collective goals for the new year, make love, and enjoy an essential nightcap.

5. Evening in Solo

Sometimes it just sounds like too much effort to put on a party dress and kiss a stranger at midnight. This option is a combination of the previous three options. Make yourself a steak dinner, throw on Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and have a bottle of champagne handy while you compile the year’s highlights and your plans for the future. Self-love is always the best default.

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