A Study in Fetishisms Manifesto Vol II

Jonathan Leder constantly has his hands busy with projects that are erotic, often teasing the most taboo of interests while maintaining a sense of taste and intellect. His publication A Study in Fetishisms is dirty yet delicious – it may serve as one’s guide to navigating their fantasies or perhaps as an intimate look at sexual thought constructs and experiences. The recently released volume two is centered around the theme of ‘blondes’ and is just as thought provoking as the first.


“It is a tribute to the spirit of America, its fascinations with life, glamor, beauty and tragedy, and to the women that made, and continue to make, it possible.” Featuring the stunning Kayslee Collins, Molly Constable, Lindsey Jones, and Amy Hood amongst many others, A Study in Fetishisms Manifesto Vol II is available for purchase here.

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