Tender Trap


Flashes. I keep writing about them. Blurry perfect moments. Nostalgic. Sweat sweeter in retrospect. Burning and the window is cracked. The breeze keeps hitting it and smoke feeds off, faster. Take it. Won’t you take me with you? Little glimpses. Thats why I like the Internet. Take a peek; eat with your eyes, baby nowadays all we do is eat with our eyes. But listen too because I could whisper this in your ear and then maybe you’d really feel me. Who really feels me anyways?


We’re fading into the room and we’re apart of all the collisions that govern chemistry and physics. We’re spinning, crashing, living… violent poetics.What a beautiful life. I can throw my head back and melt into everything. Finally natural. It is that simple. Loving yourself so you can sit in another’s arms and feel your worth. Kissing with lips but it is our ribs that are on fire. Raspy country lullaby. Tender as ever. Tattoo my mind I never will forget these flashes. I’d use the tip of my tongue to write this in your bones while we shudder under sheets.


It’s hotter under the covers, right? Warm skin on skin on skin. Burning. Bites. I want to make videos of how I see this world because words and photos, they’re so stationary it gives everyone time to put their own assumptions on how I see it. Who really feels me anyways? Nowadays theres too many options. I let passion burn through my skin once. I thought I had it safe in the palm of my hand but nope. I know my worth now. Give me flashes, I will give you lungs full of fire and a voice like tender trap.


L’Agent Goodies…