Preview: Zio Ziegler at LeQuiVive Gallery

Zio Ziegler is just one of those guys who makes me smile. His positive energy and sense of humor are infectious. I sit and grab a bite with him, and then stand back and watch in awe as he quickly but expertly paints his signature black line work on his newest mural in downtown Oakland. I wonder what it’s like to create art on such a massive scale. I am not the only one. Throughout the day, hoards of revelers stop and stare, mouths ajar, taking photos, whispering back and forth to each other and pointing at the multi-layered facets of his mural. Sometimes people walk by and look up almost startled, realizing that the artist is present. His presence is strong.


This mural is the street part of Zio’s solo show “Intuitivism” at LeQuiVive Gallery this Saturday in Oakland, which focuses heavily on the work of street artists. In fact, since the opening of LeQuiVive Gallery two years ago, the few block corridor of Webster street where the it calls home has become a street art mecca, with work by artists Irot, Dead Eyes and Nychos to name a few. “Intuitivism” is Zio’s only U.S. solo show of the year, and Oakland is lucky to have him.


“I’ve often been asked what my symbols mean in relation to one another, and while I hint at their meanings with a reference in a title, their meanings are as ephemeral as the process itself. This transience of meaning serves as catalyst for each viewer’s understanding. Because each painting lacks a singular explanation, the viewer is faced with self-reflection of his or her own life and internal pursuit. My paintings have subjectively different meanings for each person that views them, and through the observer’s own balance of reason, context, and intuitive reaction, each one serves as a starting place of thought and reflection rather than a means to an end.” – Zio Ziegler

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Below you’ll see a few preview images of his pieces that will grace the walls of the gallery on Saturday. There are large-scale canvas paintings (a few of which he has already sold to collectors), smaller framed pieces in black and white and watercolor (a relatively fresh medium for Zio), and for the first time ever a limited edition, signed and numbered giclee print.

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Join Zio in his opening of “Intuitivism” at LeQuiVive Gallery at 1525 Webster St. in Oakland. The show opens at 7 p.m.

All outdoor photos by Abby Wilcox

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