Kickstarter Watch: 100 Rolls Of Film

Alex Davis has four days left in his Kickstarter project, “100 rolls of Film.” The project was created out of his passion for shooting film. His photography seems to have grown with him while he traveled the world as a sponsored skateboarder. In an email, Al told me “I’ve never talked about how I love taking photos this much.” For years, rolls and rolls of film accumulated.


He kept skating and kept traveling. He lost track of which rolls came from which country. Passion like this speaks to me because I believe in seeing an artist’s work as a whole. If someone is vocal about their art and asks for help to see that vision through, I am intrigued. Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr… nowadays we are over-saturated with photographers and iPhone instant gratification.


he decision to curate a book of work and have his first solo exhibition signifies Davis is in pursuit of something tangible. The goal of this Kickstarter project is to first and foremost, to develop 100 rolls of film. From there, he would send backers their rewards and begin the production process of a high-quality art book. He has plans to show in his hometown of Cincinnati, and San Francisco.


We at Live FAST Magazine back this project because similarly to Al Davis, we believe print is not dead. We are fascinated at how years of his life will translate onto film and come together as an inaugural showcase. Check out his project page here and pledge to receive surprises in the mail. Four days to go!


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