Art Crush: Michelle Jane Lee

In the space between an exhalation and inhalation there is light. There is a moment of infinite space where we are silent and can feel the vibrancy of our own being captured just underneath this thin layer of skin and muscle. Often in art we come across pieces which captivate this moment for us. There’s a stillness, but underneath it there is a current of emotion, color and vibrancy.


Korean born, Michelle Jane Lee’s work mimics this sensation. Her style is minimalist; simplistic yet punctuated with bright candy colored grids and patterns. Lee has established a personal alphabet where a color is assigned to a letter to whisper to the viewer experiences of profound love and loss in a language we can only understand through feeling. If you are lucky enough to attend her exhibit, Anonymous, opening this Thursday, November 13th 2014, at the Garboushian Gallery I highly suggest you go.


This new series serves as an exploration of the way people of impact in our lives eventually exist the hushed corners of ourselves we’ve been storing them. Described as “the ways an intense lover still persists even after a relationship is over, in influence and interactions, albeit only in our own minds. They cease to be in our actual lives, but continue to exist anonymously,” this is a universal experience we have all shared.

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