Art Crush: Logan White

The things that are not of our world paired with dreams, nudity, voyeurism. When a haunting image is sexual by nature. When you cannot figure out where the body ends and the photo begins. When your interest is aroused and you have an insatiable craving for this particular vein of art. When an artist leaves you with questions. Logan White‘s creative eye startled me – I swear I have seen a woman in a winding red dress, posed in the center of a highway in a realm I have never experienced. I wasn’t surprised to read that the southern photographer has had notable experiences with ghosts, as her photos have a supernatural element.


Perhaps it isn’t so much that her images belong to a surreal world I have yet to encounter in my waking life – maybe it is more that her images inspire me to create my own surreal world. Simply put, I am enthralled by Ms. White. Peruse the work from our latest art crush below and follow more of her work here.

loganwhite9 loganwhite8 loganwhite7


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