Art Crush: Junku Nishimura

I’ve probably said this a million times, but I’ll say it again – I have quite the penchant for the darker things in life. As a spectator, I have a desire to come in contact with an everyday object that has been transformed into a heavy sentiment – I don’t really care the emotion conveyed, just as long as it makes me feel. I came across Junku Nishimura‘s work the other day and found myself lost in dozens upon dozens of black and white photographs depicting his translation of street photography. These images are not of my time, yet they were taken within my lifetime. The anonymity surrounding his photographs makes for his enigmatic creative eye.


It is kind of like taking a step into a Murakami novel. Enjoy getting acquainted with our latest art crush and follow his work here.

junku4 junku3 junku2 junku1

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