Studio Visit: Esao Andrews

Live FAST contributor Whit Lane caught Los Angeles-based fine artist Esao Andrews in the studio a few days before he shipped out his most recent paintings to New York’s infamous Jonathan Levine Gallery. Esao’s upcoming solo exhibition “Epilogues” consists of works of a much larger scale than what he’s previously been known for, and offers a closure with themes and concepts from his artistic past.


“I got invited to be in a show of large scale paintings for a museum show that’s coming up in October at the Long Beach Museum of Art, and it really challenged the scale of my work,” the painter recently told Hi-Fructose. “Since it’s called “Masterworks” I figured I needed to make something really big, to go bigger than I’d ever gone before. And that show is also about the artist looking back at the last decade of their work.”


After finishing this piece above, the artist felt compelled to resurrect subject matter from a few older paintings as if a lot of time passed; characters and elements from some of his most famous paintings are seen in a whole new light. “Epilogues” opens on October 11 and will be on display through November 8 at Jonathan Levine Gallery in New York City.

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