“Stay Sick” by David Lekach

The kind of women who talk, move, and exist at an accelerated rate. Fast women, not fast as in promiscuous, but fast as in you can’t keep up, despite your greatest efforts, you’re left in the dust as they rapidly move forward. This particular type of woman is intoxicating by nature, a creature that leaves her spectator fascinated. We are proud to present our latest exclusive, an editorial by David Lekach titled “Stay Sick” featuring the stunning Cassandra Smith.

A homage to mid-70’s Southern California, Lekach created a silent short film with his friend David Braun, starring the scarlet-lipped blonde beauty flitting about the golden coast to rock and roll rhythms to accompany the editorial. Peep the film for yourself below and visit here for more from David Lekach.

Dlekach_Cassandra-1 Dlekach_Cassandra-2 Dlekach_Cassandra-4 Dlekach_Cassandra-6 Dlekach_Cassandra-7 Dlekach_Cassandra-13 Dlekach_Cassandra-14 Dlekach_Cassandra-17 Dlekach_Cassandra-18 Dlekach_Cassandra-20 Dlekach_Cassandra-22

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