Reckless Wolf “LA Treats”

Who else but a wolf fears no man in daylight or nightlight? In motion they are still and serene, waiting, observing. Slowly, they will pace, stalking the scene for that perfect moment when light and wind have slowed to a timeless pace. And suddenly, before you have time to catch your breath, you are being consumed. Reckless Wolf invites every woman to embody this knowing predator. Flaunt your talent to draw air out of a space just with your presence. The fearless roamer that a woman becomes when she dawns a bit of recklessness on her skin, leaves no room for insecurity.


To showcase Reckless Wolf‘s line fittingly named, Prey, comes the editorial “LA Treats.” Playing on the edge of intimates and outerwear, this line invites you wear it how you want it. Whether it be howling in ecstasy at the moonlight, or hunting in the middle of the day in Venice Beach. The talented photographer of this shoot, Tony Andrew, also provides us with a tasty video you can check out here:

LA Treats from Cody Gittings on Vimeo.

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