‘Spoiled Rotten’ by MEGGS

The once desolate and decayed city of Detroit has recreated itself to be a thriving hub of up-and-coming artists and home to the Inner State Gallery. Australian artist and Live FAST favorite MEGGS just concluded his one month residency at the gallery on September 19th, spending his time creating work that represents the revival of social pillars and the concept that from decay and destruction, new beginnings are born. Ending his stay with the opening of his solo exhibition ‘Spoiled Rotten’, we were able to get our hands on a photographic recap of the street artist’s show.


“Detroit is a city of duality more so than many other cities I have been to. I sought to incorporate this by using objects and surfaces that imply decay, in what I consider to be a beautiful way,” MEGGS said while working in the Inner State Gallery loft.

Process_Life's Ups and Downs_Miya Tsukazaki

Citing the city of Detroit as an obvious major influence in ‘Spoiled Rotten’, the show focuses on highlighting Detroit’s scarred past and it’s current state of rebirth. Using primarily deteriorated signage and found materials from the town’s forgotten nooks, MEGGS created over 40 new paintings that explore societal constructs, the modern obsession with pop culture, and materialism. Peep the highlights from ‘Spoiled Rotten’ below and check out more from MEGGS here.

Process Collages_Miya Tsukazaki
Rising Up, Back on the Street_Dustin Buckley
Man Who Cannot Die:Too Close for Comfort_Dustin Buckley
What Goes Up_Dustin Buckley
Man Who Cannot Die:Too Close for Comfort_Dustin Buckley

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