Kickstarter Watch: Madsteez

We’ve got a lot of love for street artist Madsteez over at Live FAST Magazine. A man who is responsible for breathtakingly whimsical art, Mark Paul Deren is actually blind in one eye – a fact that undoubtedly contributes to his intensely unique creative perspective. A Kickstarter campaign was recently launched to fund a quasi-fictional film about the factors that would arise if a doctor were to experimentally restore sight in Madsteez’s left eye.

Following the surgery that would give Madsteez sight is the mind-altering reality of him suddenly being unable to complete paintings. The basis of the short film focuses on the concept of endings – how does one know when anything is truly complete? While the short is in production, Madsteez will be creating a mural that acts as a pivotal catalyst in the film. The money you pledge secures you a 20×20 piece of the mural – the more pledges the project receives, the larger the mural becomes.

Madsteez 1

There are only seven days left in the campaign – click here to show your support for Madsteez’s latest theme project.

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