One of our greatest pleasures is being able to introduce our readers to a burgeoning designer. Meet Brian Nussbaum, the mind behind the brand SHADE+SLOUCH. The Pratt Institute graduate focuses on the exploration of tonal and textural changes within monochromatic looks, using accessories as unifying symbols of the collection.


Kylie Cusick is elegant in cut-and-sew knits, leathers, and suedes. Her ivory skin glows beneath black and white fabrics while hues of blue are illuminated beneath the sun, blending with the cloud-laced sky. Citing his childhood in La Jolla as a major influence, Brian Nussbaum’s major debut is one to be remembered.


While his clothing is yet to be made available online, we’re certain this will not be the last you hear of him. In the meantime, peruse the exclusive SHADE + SLOUCH editorial photographed by TK Anderson below.

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