Hotel Tour: The LINE Hotel

To fall in love with your muse is the modern-day American dream, right? When a relationship translates onto film, the spectator is suddenly allowed to fall in love as well, vicariously indulging in romantics. Asher Moss, a photographer often known under the moniker ‘Basement Fox’, and his girlfriend Melodi Meadows recently took a trip to Los Angeles for a stay at The LINE Hotel. What resulted is an editorial that is so much more than a hotel tour – it is the narrative of youth, rebellion, and intimacy.

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The LINE Hotel is an East Los Angeles retreat for the city explorer. With rooms that overlook Los Angeles and a view of the Hollywood sign to greet guests, it acts as the perfect backdrop to the chemistry between Moss and Meadows. Contrary to popular belief, Los Angeles is constantly vibrating – from the buzz of creativity to the buzz of rush hour traffic, visitors are thrust into a way of life that is easy-going while steadily spinning at a rapid rate.

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Nestled in Koreatown, the hotel is surrounded by delectable dining. However, some hotels (like The Line), are already so stimulating that leaving the accommodations is the last thing you want to do. Enter POT – simply described as “Koreatown and Korean food through the eyes of a Korea with American blood.” The result is incredible soju cocktails, blood soups, and a fair amount of creative dishes to keep you satisfied.

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And, lest you forget, no hotel slumber party is deemed complete without a visit to the gift shop. Poketo is The Line’s quirky boutique that boasts an indie lifestyle. Art books, knick-knacks, accessories, cookware – the artsy storefront has it all.

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Perhaps the relationship between Asher and Melodi transfers so effortlessly in photographs due to their natural confidence. Brazen from the first break of morning light, these two are deliciously ardent with one another in the work they create. Explore a Los Angeles getaway through the view of a sharp-eyed artist and his bold co-collaborator.

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