“Electric Feel” by Janneke Storm

A wild child that keeps the town up all night, heels clicking against pavement, untamed blonde hair cascading, wide eyes, tan skin, she promises nothing other than to keep you on your toes. She runs, running to race your pulse, running to race her heartbeat. She runs the city. Some women are simply electric, the most subtle flutter of an eyelash is enough to jolt you into her atmosphere. In an exclusive editorial from our friends over at Sticks and Stones Agency, Sahara Ray eludes unmatchable confidence that is equal parts refreshing and intimidating.

Livefast_003 Livefast_005

If you’re hoping to lay next to Ms. Ray on a cheap motel bed, reading Playboy and blasting Iron Maiden, then you’re probably just like every other person looking through this editorial with glazed over eyes. Sahara looks as if she is paying homage to Courtney Love circa her days as front woman of Hole – brazen, unapologetic, and authentic.

Livefast_006 Livefast_008

In typical fashion of creative agency Sticks and Stones, all is rambunctious and little is left to the imagination. Peep the full spread below, and take a look at the BTS pornaroids here.

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