Interview Series: Jude Liana

She’s got a mad 90’s vibe. Nothing cliche, just a striking resemblance to the queen known as Aaliyah and the racing mind of a young hustler. Jude Liana. I’m not sure if it is the fact that she recently posted a slow-motion video of her eating a burrito  on Instagram and still remains a fiery babe or if it is because she is one of those pretty birds that indulges in constant creation. Whatever it is, we couldn’t resist the thought of a babe chat with Ms. Liana. When she isn’t modeling, she is taking photos. When she isn’t taking photos, she is tackling miscellaneous projects – like curating an all women art show that is taking place this Saturday October 25th from 6pm to 10:30 pm at the Multi-Cultural Artists United on Glendale Blvd. The New York City native currently resides in Los Angeles, spending her time honing her hustle and striving for forward progression. Enough with introductions, allow us to acquaint you with Jude.

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LF: Hello Ms. Jude Liana. Pleasure to have you for Live FAST! First things first – who are you, what do you do, and what do you plan on doing?

JL: HI! I’m Jude Liana. Currently, I would define myself as self-sufficient young woman who is in the midst of trying to make it. I photograph, I model, and just recently have finished curating and organizing a huge all female art show that is going down this Saturday in Los Angeles actually! So that’s my life at the moment and my future plans would be just that: Hustlin’.

LF: You model but you also take photos – how did you end up getting into photography?

JL: Photography came naturally to me when I got my first little point and shoot camera nearly a decade ago. Ever since that day I couldn’t put the camera down, it’s like I knew it was what I wanted to do ever since I snapped my first photo.

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LF: What gets you off?

JL: Scents. Textures. Soft skin. A wonderfully prepared meal. Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver.

LF: How do you define intimacy?

JL: When someone says intimacy our first thought is usually something that is physical. But, to me it is so much more than that. It’s not just a physical sensation in my eyes, it is a mental one too. My definition of intimacy is when your body, mind, and soul are ALL intertwined with someone else’s.

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LF: Last place you got lost?

JL: Probably somewhere in Los Angeles, I can’t remember. But definitely here, I’m still learning my way around. And I don’t mind it! I like getting lost sometimes, you discover new places and that’s always fun.

LF: Los Angeles or New York? Why?

JL: I’ve began to really start liking Los Angeles, but it is definitely New York all day everyday. That’s my home, that’s my life.  I was born and raised in the gritty concrete jungle so it’s the only place that really makes sense to me. But, I do have a lot of newfound respect for the west coast, there’s great things happening here and great people too.

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LF:  Do you believe in fate?

JL: I’m not sure. Overall life is just one massive fucking question mark. To me, the pre-destined idea of fate makes life seem like everything is linear, and there’s just been too many situations in my life where things have taken such a sharp unexpected turn either for the better or worse that make me believe otherwise. But really, who knows. Like I said before, life is just a massive question mark we’re all trying to figure out.

LF: Describe your approach to art and creation for me.

JL: Raw and real. That’s all I’ve lived by and all I want to portray in my art and artistic direction.


LF: What is your idea of complete happiness? Total misery?

JL: Complete happiness: Acceptance, self awareness, sharing and helping others. Total Misery: Living in the dark, greed, denial, ignorance.

LF: How fast do you live?

JL: Let’s just say I try to go the legal speed limit … but who doesn’t like the occasional speeding sometimes?

Don’t forget to swing by The Holy Ladies art show this Saturday. See you there!

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