Interview Series: Eva Shaw

Strong, natural and effortless, Cameron Davis captures model/DJ Eva Shaw in rare, intimate moments for our exclusive Babe Talk with this brunette bombshell.  It’s not every day you meet a girl with beauty, talent and personality to match. Check out our interview and get to know Eva’s story…


LF: When and how did you get into modeling?

ES: I was scouted by Elmer Olsen in Toronto. He was the scout for Elite Model Management at the time and I was just walking down the street with a group of friends. I didn’t think he was legit! Turns out he definitely was. I was a baby- I can’t believe it was a decade ago.

LF: What do you love most about the fashion industry?

ES: I love the over -the-top aspects of the fashion industry. When I was a little kid I used to watch the haute couture shows on TV … I have always been fascinated by models, beautiful photos and wild clothing. I never really experimented with my own fashion though until recently. I just like observing. I was never a fashionable person I don’t think.

LF: When did you realize you wanted to be a DJ?

LF: I DJ’d for fun for years – mostly at my own house and at friends’ houses. I’ve always been musical and I always wanted to be involved in the industry, I just wasn’t sure in what capacity. I haven’t really had one specific moment that made me want to become a dj for a living. It was a gradual process that just took over my life. I’ve always gone with the flow in life. I try not to stick to one idea of what I want to do or be.

LF: Do you have a record collection?

ES: I’m a bit too young to have a record collection but I do have a lot of CDs! I start djing on CDs, which seems ancient now. I wish I had a record collection – they sound fantastic. My dad has quite a few.

LF: What inspires you the most?

ES: I think people inspire me the most. I am always interested in others’ ideas and ways of doing things. That and nature. I’m always paying attention to simple things like the way the sky changes or the way a little bug carries his food. That sounds weird but I like watching everything.

LF: What was your first DJ gig?

ES: Probably at my friend’s BBQ in Toronto . I didn’t really know how to mix but I was attempting. I put a cd in a cdj and then danced around. Does that count?

LF: What turns you on?

ES: Avocado hummus

LF: What turns you off?

ES: An off key a cappella

LF: Where do you see yourself in five years?

ES: Probably in a studio somewhere… hopefully a nice one by a beach.

LF: When do you feel the most sexy?

ES: When I’ve slept a lot and when I’m feeling excited about something. The latter definitely happens more than the former but I’ll take either. A new pair of heels helps!

LF: What drives you?

ES: Success. I’m not exactly sure what that is, but the idea of it keeps me going. When I’ve done something that works, it makes me want to do more. When I do something that doesn’t work, I want to fix it so that it does.

LF: Who is your favorite DJ of all time?

ES: This is a tough one. It depends on my mood. Carl Cox is amazing… I also really like Eric Prydz techno sets. I don’t think I have one favourite.

LF: What’s on your playlist right now?

ES: I like a lot of older music – from rock (foo fighters, jimmy eat world, nirvana, journey) , to rap (tupac, warren g, mob deep).. I’m all over the place.

LF: How fast do you live?

ES: Depends on traffic

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