“Afterlight” by Adam Guy

It is after the break of dawn she comes alive. Some beg to stay up all night, sleeping in as the sun rises. She dances beneath the soft light, monochromatics colored by the morning. We know the infinite feeling the perfect piece of lingerie gifts a woman. Erika evokes that emotion in Noe Undergarments. Photographed by Adam Guy and styled by Jessica Patterson, we present to you ‘Afterlight’, our latest exclusive. Hard and soft. Sexy. Natural.


Set in the iconic Alta Cienega Motel, Erika is at home in the room where Jim Morrison once laid his head. The Los Angeles destination that housed The Doors legend at one point is now a rock and roll landmark known for its significance in musical history. Graffitied walls contrasted with fine underpinnings remind us that sometimes where you are doesn’t matter so much – it is more about the company you keep.

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