Something New: Topless Blading

Here’s today’s fun fact: It is legal to go topless in New York State. Yes, for all you #freethenipple advocates, you actually can walk down the street baring all. Elizabeth Siematkowski and Rachael Yaeger teamed up last year to partake in some gender equality and form Topless Blading.


Photo by Alexandra R. Gavillet

Okay, to back up a little bit, it became legal for women to be topless in public under the grounds of gender equality in New York State in 1992. This ruling was the product of a law that was amended in 1986 after seven women were arrested in Rochester, NY for being topless in a public area (to brush up on the legalities, check out the People vs. Ramona Santorelli and Mary Lou Schloss case.)


Photo by Alexandra R. Gavillet

Since Elizabeth loves rollerblading and noticed it wasn’t necessarily cool to do anymore, she wanted to bring back the classic American pastime. She also noticed that it was legal to go topless in her beloved city and figured maybe she should make that the latest New York pastime. Thus, Topless Blading was born.


Pick up a t-shirt here and next time you’re in New York state, let your girls go free.

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