Kelly Vivanco + Curiot at Thinkspace

As summer begins to wind down, we breathe in the savory California September air… Fall is one of the best parts of the year to be a West Coast dweller. We’re also gearing up for a laundry list of art shows to close out 2014, and this one won’t disappoint. Presenting solo shows “Peculiar Tides” by painter Kelly Vivanco and “Moktulen Kingdom” by street artist Curiot at Thinkspace Gallery in LA.

A graduate of the Laguna College of Art and Design, Kelly’s whimsical paintings convey a childlike sense of wonder; she crafts intimate worlds where animals come to life, the inanimate is magically awakened, and nothing strange is improbable. They feel a bit like a Wes Anderson flick, right?

“Combining mannered portraiture with highly stylized environments, Vivanco’s surreal works display a true technical facility coupled by an emotive edge – think the unlikely pairing of Egon Schiele and Japanese Manga. Endlessly charming, and just dark enough to conjure adult associations, Vivanco’s worlds are evocative and personal but remain interpretatively generous in their use of open-ended metaphors.”

The work by Mexico City based painter and street artist Curiot is a feast for the eyes. His murals drip with surreal creatures reminiscent of his Mexican heritage, drawing from visual patterns, geometries, Day of the Dead styles and mythology. He works with a vibrant color palette to create paintings that thrive as larger than life metaphors for the oldest of human conflicts: the struggled reconciliation of the natural and human worlds.

“The artist’s attention to detail is staggering. Working on massive public scales at times, and on huge architectural surfaces, his command of large-format minutiae is humbling. Curiot’s vibrant and saturated pieces command an incontestable presence in the gallery and on the streets, and remind us of the power of the visual to sustain both the present and the past.

Don’t miss the opening reception for the show on Saturday, Sept. 13 from 6-9 p.m. at Thinkspace in Culver City.

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