Mise en Cage

We are pleased to present the tantalizing debut collection from Mise en Cage, a place where straps and mesh tightly hug hourglass curves and intimate details divulge the most adored assets. Elements of bondage give way to your mind’s fantasies – indulgence comes in many different packages and this collection allows you to pick your pleasure.


The parisian luxury fashion and lifestyle brand prides sensuality above all – from their jaw-dropping lingerie to their vast online erotic boutique titled “Instruments of Pleasure”, Mise en Cage takes sex from an intimate pastime to a delectable lifestyle.


You may find yourself lost in the brand’s eroticism – one must abandon themselves to their deepest desires at one point or another. Bold in aesthetics and deliciously naughty, craft your fantasy with this latest lingerie guide. It is difficult to believe that this is the first collection released from Mise en Cage, as the pieces are designed with the skill only a true seductress can behold. You may feel as if your sexuality has finally met its match, but remember – it is only the beginning…


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Mise_en_Cage_LIVEFAST_1 Mise_en_Cage_LIVEFAST_2 Mise_en_Cage_LIVEFAST_3 Mise_en_Cage_LIVEFAST_4

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