Polar Blades & End of Babes

Los Angeles-based photographer and filmmaker Jimmy Marbles recently took to Kickstarter to fund his latest film projects. “Polar Blades” is a short film about the polar bears of Southern California… which means these polar bears rollerblade. Beginning as a stereotypical nature documentary and ending as a high-energy action film, “Polar Blades” is designed to be an endearingly ridiculous comedy.

jimmymarbles“End of Babes” is a New Wave influenced short film about love in the modern age. A couple meets one night, they fall in love, the woman lives out of town and has to fly home the next day – insert romantic dilemmas revolving around conflicting life choices. Meanwhile, an apocalypse destroying all of humanity is happening, making for a romantic story that challenges the spectator who is wrapped up in the “big picture.”

Stylistically speaking, these films are quite different from the majority of Marbles’ work. We admire his venture into challenging his creative constructs and support this project completely. We hope you decide to do the same – head to Jimmy’s Kickstarter page here to back this project!

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